I am a freelance animator and animation director currently based in Stockholm. I am in to animation because just like Dr Frankenstein, I love the idea of giving life to the things I make. I am passionate about the craftsmanship behind animation so have therefore been focusing mainly on 2D animation – mostly on paper but also digital using Flash and TV paint – and stop frame animation. Very recently, I have come to the understanding that I can no longer condemn 3D CGI so I have started to learn the basics of Maya.

2008-2012 I lived in London, where I studied animation at London College of Communication -  University of the Arts London. I graduated from the BA with First class honours. During my third year in London I won a pitch for an animated short film amongst my class mates, which led to my debut as an animation director. I got to lead a team of three animators and one sound designer. The film is called The Companion and is a dramatic instruction film about how one breaks free from loneliness by making a best friend out of a bumblebee. Directing, animating and producing The Companion was one of the absolute highlights of my time in London. I strongly believe that humour is an essential element when dealing with heavy and dark matters and the dark and dry humor in The Companion has a very personal meaning to me. The animation was made using traditional hand drawn animation on paper, which was then scanned in, digitally cleaned up and colored in Photoshop and finally composited in After Effects. During my last year in London I made a film entirely by myself called The Joy of Agreeing. This project was all done digitally by the use of Flash and After Effects.

In March 2012 I was awarded Anders Sandrews Stipendium for my animations.

In August 2012 I moved back to Stockholm and started Hyper Island's Motion Graphics Designer course.