I am a 2D Animator and aspiring Animation Director and I am currently studying Motion Graphics at Hyper Island in Stockholm. Just like Dr Frankenstein, I am very much in to the idea of giving life to the things I make. I like the craftsmanship behind animation so have therefore been focusing on 2D animation – mostly on paper but also digitally using Flash, After Effects and Photoshop – and stop frame animation. I have recently come to the understanding that 3D is a brilliant tool even for 2D animation so I have started to use Cinema 4d in my work.

2008-2012 I lived in London, where I studied animation at University of the Arts London and graduated with First Class Honours. During my third year I won a pitch for an animated short film amongst my class mates, which led to my debut as an animation director. I got to lead a team of three animators and one sound designer. The film is called The Companion and is a dramatic instruction film about how one breaks free from loneliness by making a best friend out of a bumblebee. Directing, animating and producing The Companion was one of the absolute highlights of my time in London. In March 2012 I was awarded Anders Sandrews Stipendium for my animations.

Humour is an important part in my work and having fun when I am working is something I value very high.